Special UAV project for border patrol

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Border patrol

● Scenario Description
Patrol border facilities, prevent illegal entry and monitor border activities

● Configuration scheme
E6 UAV + photo transmission + 30x visible light infrared three-light head

● Implementation effect
It can patrol and control the border around the clock, and estimate the position of target points through the target position estimation function, thus providing guidance for the disposal of border troops.

● Successful cases
March 19, 2021: Successfully completed the inspection and control project of UAV in Aligang Rinpoche border area of Tibet, which was reported by CCTV and other media

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Application advantage

Border Patrol, Improve the Level of Three-dimensional Prevention and Control

Flexible take-off and landing to meet the needs of mountainous operations
The vertical take-off and landing method is suitable for the harsh environment with few take-off and landing sites, small space and long distance in mountainous areas

Powerful and easy to deal with complex environments such as plateaus and mountains
Unique variable pitch, strong maneuverability and stable flight

Easy to operate, one-key automatic line patrol
It only needs 1-2 people to complete various operation tasks, with high intelligence, easy operation, and strong fault tolerance

Support automatic route planning and patrol, simple and convenient, greatly improve the efficiency of daily patrol work and save manpower

Provide a high-altitude perspective to make up for the help of ground patrols to help grasp the overall situation, while being able to flexibly obtain detailed information

The scene images are sent back to the command center in real time to provide a basis for decision-making for additional patrol resources

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