Power Channel Inspection and 3D Visual Management

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Power Channel Inspection

● Scenario Description
The E6 uAV-borne lidar system scans the power channel, controls the distribution of tree barriers in the line channel, protects the cross section, controls the risk of breaking out, analyzes all kinds of simulation conditions of the transmission line and conducts THREE-DIMENSIONAL visual management, etc

● Configuration scheme

● Implementation effect
The laser point cloud data of more than 150km can be obtained in one takeoff and landing

● Successful cases
State Grid Heilongjiang Electric Power Company, etc

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Under the “dual-carbon” construction goal, the energy structure will be completely changed to deal with the severe situation of long-term total and structural shortage of power grid operation and inspection, complex grid environment, and heavy power protection tasks, and realize the standardization of drone inspection business. Intelligent operation and informatization of management and control provide a strong guarantee for power protection tasks.
High frequency, normalization, unmanned autonomous inspection mode
Standardized, high-precision data collection capabilities
Unlimited distance network data transmission
Grid deployment, cluster management

Tree barrier inspection
Perform fast three-dimensional real-world modeling of power grid channels to obtain accurate visualization data, effectively reducing operation and maintenance costs.

Line break prevention
UAVs have greatly increased the speed and frequency of power grid inspections, effectively preventing external damage.

Fine inspection
The refined and automated inspections of UAVs can efficiently provide standardized data and discover hidden troubles in time.

Infrared inspection
Perform real-time temperature analysis on power grid equipment to quickly identify equipment abnormalities.

Fault inspection
Multi-angle, close-range inspection, quickly locate the fault point, and eliminate the fault in time.

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