The Air Force’s second “Unmanned Fighting” Intelligent UAV Cluster System Challenge ended

On July 28, the Air Force’s second "Unmanned Fighting" Intelligent UAV Cluster System Challenge ended.
There are a total of 51 participating teams and more than 500 participating players in this competition. They come from military units, military industrial enterprises, research institutions, universities, private enterprises and other fields. All of them are the backbone of domestic intelligent UAV cluster system technology innovation and product development. , They not only made careful preparations for the "No One" Challenge, but also overcame the influence of unfavorable factors such as heavy rainfall and high temperature during the competition, and achieved results, levels and styles in the competition.
After the judgement of the on-site referee working group, the arbitration committee confirms, and submits it to the organizing committee for approval, the results of the competition are announced as follows:

Post time: Aug-16-2021