Hunan has become China’s first pilot province for global low-altitude flight

Hunan has become China's first pilot province for global low-altitude flight!
According to the National Civil Aviation Administration, Hunan has become my country's first pilot province for low-altitude flights across the entire region. Hunan will accumulate experience in aircraft surveillance communications coverage, low-altitude airspace supervision, and low-altitude airspace operation management in low-altitude airspace below 3,000 meters to provide a theoretical basis for the national low-altitude opening.
In September last year, Hunan Province was approved to become the country's first pilot province for global low-altitude management reform.
Hunan Province’s Several Policies and Measures on Supporting the Development of the General Aviation Industry have been reviewed and will provide specific support for the general aviation industry in 12 aspects, including speeding up the construction of general airports and encouraging the opening of new air routes.
At present, Hunan Province has built 12 general airports, 5 general aviation bases are under construction or about to start, and 5 low-altitude tourist routes have been opened. The Provincial General Aviation Service Center realized “one-window acceptance, one-network administration, and global service” for general aviation flights, and the Changsha Flight Service Station was completed and put into use.
With Changsha as the center, the low-altitude manned aircraft surveillance communication coverage has been achieved within a radius of 150 kilometers. The province's low-altitude airspace supervision service network, low-altitude visual aeronautical charts, low-altitude airspace operation management manuals, general airport manuals, that is, "a network The "One Picture Two Manuals" is being compiled at an accelerated pace.
In the next step, Hunan Province will achieve full coverage of low-altitude manned aircraft surveillance communications by the end of August, and start the construction of a comprehensive monitoring platform for unmanned aircraft management and control. This year, more than 50 general-purpose airports (bases) will be started and built, more than 30 general aviation routes will be opened, and more than 80 high-quality global general aviation companies will be introduced around the entire general aviation industry chain.
At the same time, we will introduce and cultivate general aviation flight schools, and strive to train more than 500 general aviation pilots by 2021.

Post time: Aug-16-2021