Material transportation and emergency rescue

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Goods delivery

● Scenario Description
Vtol fixed-wing uAVs do not need special landing sites, and can be used for material delivery and emergency rescue.

● Configuration scheme
According to the load requirement, E6 is selected to carry the corresponding throwing mechanism

● Successful cases
Uav logistics exercise in Alipuran border of Xizang, logistics exercise in Alibangong Lake of Xizang, and Yike mosquito throwing in Guangzhou

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Advantages of UAV technology applied in the field of logistics:

(1) Commodity delivery is faster. Obviously, the use of drones in the logistics field is mainly used to deliver goods. The realization of this function can be completed by programming equipment, and then the drone will be transmitted from the headquarters to the designated area through the corresponding program. In this way, the delivery of goods can be carried out by air transportation, without the impact of traffic jams or bad weather.

(2) Strengthen the operational efficiency of logistics companies. The use of drone technology in the logistics field can enable staff to focus on other equally important logistics areas, enabling logistics companies to complete a larger amount of work within the same staff's scope of work.

(3) Save energy. Drones can help staff deliver goods while saving their workload. Therefore, the mechanical equipment in the distribution center where the logistics company is located can perform faster work. Compared with manual picking and delivery, drone technology is used for logistics distribution. It can enhance the efficiency of the use of machinery and equipment in the distribution center, thereby minimizing the use of wind energy and achieving energy savings.

(4) Save labor cost. The use of drone technology is equivalent to increasing the number of employees in the logistics field. Using drones to carry objects and transport them to other places through remote control systems can allow logistics companies to reduce labor and labor costs.

(5) Promote safety. Using drones for delivery can also prevent accidents. There are often reports in the news that logistics distributors have traffic accidents in order to deliver goods. When drones are used, staff will no longer need to risk their lives for delivery. Promote safe production.

(6) Accuracy. Drones are more efficient when delivering products to the right recipients. Compared with humans, drones are less likely to make mistakes, their delivery accuracy is higher, and incidents of wrong recipients will be greatly reduced.

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