Lidar mapping of Expressway channel

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Lidar mapping

● Scenario Description
Infrastructure survey: The use of uav laser radar mapping of high efficiency and high precision characteristics of highway, railway, bridge, water conservancy, land, forest, grassland, mining and other resources to investigate, to monitor geological disasters. Digital 3D real scene: large-scale and efficient 3D digital reconstruction of buildings, cultural relics, cities and ruins.

● Configuration scheme

● Implementation effect
The laser point cloud data of more than 150km can be obtained in one takeoff and landing

● Successful cases
Jiangsu Xuyi highway Mapping project completed four sorties in two days, a total of 410 km of highway channel mapping, carrying VUX-240 radar, 300 meters navigation high cloud density of more than 180 points/ping.

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Application advantage

Surveying and mapping
UAV solutions have greatly improved the automation and information level of surveying and mapping work, and brought cost and efficiency advantages to surveying and mapping units.

Cadastral survey
Unmanned aerial vehicles have greatly improved the efficiency of field data collection, and real-world models directly display plots and attachments, making cadastral measurement and management more convenient.

Land use cover
Real-time generation of two-dimensional orthophotos, staff can quickly compare and verify, and dynamic monitoring of land use.

Quickly perform large-scale 2D and 3D modeling, reduce field costs, automate data processing, and shorten work cycles.

UAV advantages

Efficient operation, the efficiency of field data collection is 5 to 10 times that of traditional manual methods, shortening the project cycle and achieving rapid delivery
Provide a variety of surveying and mapping results such as DOM, DSM, real 3D model, digital line drawing, etc.
It can be operated by a single person, and supports one control and multiple machines to complete a large range of cluster operations

The drone solution highly automates surveying and data processing, saving manpower and time, and greatly reducing costs

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