Forest and grassland fire prevention, border fire monitoring, on-site fire supervision and command

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Fire warning and disposal

● Scenario Description
Forest and grassland fire prevention, border fire monitoring, fire scene supervision and command

● Configuration scheme
E6 UAV + image transmission + 30x visible light infrared dual light pod or triple light pod

● Implementation effect
Infrared temperature field data of forest and grassland can be obtained in real time, so as to prevent, monitor and extinguish forest fire.

● Successful cases
In September 2020, he participated in the forest fire prevention exercise in Qinghai Province

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Application advantage

In daily fire prevention work, drones can quickly carry out automated patrols of large forest areas, greatly improving the efficiency of patrols, detecting fires in time, and realizing "breaking early", "breaking small" and "breaking down".

In the fire extinguishing scene, the drone can quickly obtain the overall view of the fire scene, and obtain the distribution of the fire line, and can use the thermal imaging camera to break through the smoke barrier to quickly identify and locate the fire, which greatly improves the efficiency of information acquisition and assists on-site science Dispatch fire fighting forces

After extinguishing the open fire, the fire site can be equipped with thermal imaging cameras to identify the re-ignition point or smoke point to prevent the second large-area fire

Quick dispatch, arrive at the scene as soon as possible
The vertical take-off and landing method has low requirements on the take-off and landing site, and can be quickly dispatched to the designated location for disaster investigation

Real-time image transmission, grasp the overall situation anytime, anywhere
Remote transmission of on-site real-time images facilitates rapid decision-making by headquarters at all levels and minimizes disaster losses

Real-time modeling on site to quickly provide geographic information of the disaster area
It can carry out operations in disaster areas that are difficult for humans to reach and complex terrain conditions, greatly reducing the labor intensity and operational risks of geological disaster emergency investigation, and quickly synthesize disaster electronic sand tables to provide an intuitive and reliable basis for disaster emergency rescue. Commander on-site decision-making

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