E6A electric vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

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E6A electric vertical takeoff and landing fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (eVTOL UAV) uses the original patent technology that retractable rotors implement vertical takeoff and landing. E6A has large load, long-endurance, a vertical takeoff and landing capability at an altitude of 5000 meters plateau. It can carry flexible payload such as portable visible light camera, oblique photography camera, multi-spectral camera, Dual Thermal & RGB sensor pod, laser radar, etc. The vertical load capacity is up to 3 kilograms and the maximum long-endurance can be over 1.5 hours.

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    E6A electric vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) adopts the original patented technology of retractable rotor to realize vertical take-off and landing. E6A has a heavy load, long flight time, 5000-meter plateau vertical take-off and landing capability, flexible mounting, and can carry RGB cameras, orthophoto cameras, multi-spectral cameras, dual-light pods, lidar, etc. The load capacity is as high as 3 kg, the longest flying time can reach more than 1.5 hours, and it can also carry a variety of payloads at the same time for different operations.

    Single UAV has taken off and landed more than 400 times and flown more than 500 hours safely. It has been used in oil and gas pipeline patrol, power patrol, emergency supplies delivery, border patrol and other fields.  Compared with similar products, it has obvious advantages in range, endurance and plateau performance, with outstanding cost performance, and has delivered dozens of machines without failing.



    Wing Span




    • Practical maximum takeoff weight


    Empty Weight

    16kg (No battery),21kg (2 pcs battery)

    Effective Payload


    Endurance/Range(No Wind, Altitude 300m)

    >1.5h (1kg Payload with 2pcs batteries)/>150km

    Package Size


    Economic cruising speed

    20.8-26m/s or 75-94km/h

    Maximum cruising speed

    36m/s or 130km/h

    Practical vertical takeoff altitude




    Datalink control range

    Up to 50km

    Takeoff and landing anti-wind capability


    Cruising anti-wind capability


    Deploy/Pack time

    <2min, 2 persons operation

    Takeoff and landing location accuracy


    Anti-rain capability

    Light rain

    Operation temperature



    High-rate discharge Li-ion battery, 2 suits (cruising and hovering use in common)

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