E6 #MAP E6 electric vertical takeoff and landing fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle

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E6 electric vertical takeoff and landing fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (eVTOL UAV) uses the original patent technology that retractable rotors implement vertical takeoff and landing. E6 has large load, long-endurance, a vertical takeoff and landing capability at an altitude of 5000 meters plateau. It can carry flexible payload such as portable visible light camera, oblique photography camera, multi-spectral camera, Dual Thermal & RGB sensor pod, laser radar, etc. The vertical load capacity is up to 10 kilograms and the maximum long-endurance can be over 4.5 hours.

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E6 #MAP is designed and manufactured for the professional user in the mapping and surveying industry. It offers state-of-the-art features and smart technology that supports easy and productive mapping while keeping the investment and operational costs low.

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350 Kilometers
Flight range

50 Megapixel
Image resolution

50 Kilometers
Control range

Mapping 30 Square Kilometers
In a single flight

Key platform features

✔ Fully autonomous mapping missions from takeoff to landing
✔ Redundant flight system with powerful drives for VTOL and Fixed Wing
✔ Up to 240 minutes flight time with high resolution sensors
✔ Intuitive mission planning & flight control software
✔ Online flight simulator, mission plan validator, and log analysis tools
✔ Swappable camera mounts for RGB, Thermal, and Multispectral sensors
✔ <1CM high precision PPK referencing with optional base station
✔ Automatic survey mission generation with terrain following options
✔ Tool-less 2 minutes field assembly
✔ No pre-flight calibrations required

What makes the E6 #MAP the best choice for professionals

Mapping up to 30 square Kilometers in a single flight
The E6 #MAP is the only commercial-grade Fixed Wing VTOL UAV that offers a 61 Megapixel full-frame mapping sensor together with a flight time of 240 minutes, adding up to an unsurpassed coverage of 30 square kilometers at 5CM per pixel in a single flight.

Corridor scans with transmission ranges up to 50KM
Using the latest innovations in transmission technology, the E6 #MAP is the only platform that can offer up to 50KM transmission range from a hand-held remote controller. When available, the mobile network can also be used to provide both redundancy and unlimited range. The redundant flight systems allow the vehicle to safely perform long-range corridor scans.

Airborn within 2 minutes
The unique design of the E6 does not require any lengthy pre-flight calibrations. Combined with the 2 minute tool-less field assembly, this allows the E6 to be airborne in as little as 3 minutes.

Deployable in light rain or snow conditions
Smart technology gives the E6 the unique ability to safely fly in rain or snow. Through synthetic airspeed measurements, the need for fragile airspeed sensors has been eliminated. This provides an accurate and maintenance-free solution that opens up the opportunity to fly during precipitation such as rain or snow.

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