E6 #INSPECT E6 electric vertical takeoff and landing fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle

Short Description:

E6 electric vertical takeoff and landing fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (eVTOL UAV) uses the original patent technology that retractable rotors implement vertical takeoff and landing. E6 has large load, long-endurance, a vertical takeoff and landing capability at an altitude of 5000 meters plateau. It can carry flexible payload such as portable visible light camera, oblique photography camera, multi-spectral camera, Dual Thermal & RGB sensor pod, laser radar, etc. The vertical load capacity is up to 10 kilograms and the maximum long-endurance can be over 4.5 hours.

Product Detail

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The E6 #INSPECT is equipped with a downward facing camera sensor that can stream and record video with GPS coordinates embedded. Using the  Dual Thermal & RGB sensor, video can be simultaneously recorded for both RGB and Infrared image. Using the DeltaQuad Controller, the video can be live streamed up to 50KM distance with simple switching between RGB and Thermal views.

This versatile vehicle can be used for a wide range of inspection tasks including;

✔ Powerline inspection

✔ Pipeline monitoring

✔ Security Patrol

✔ Vegetation control

✔ Wildlife monitoring

✔ Disaster area reconnaissance

✔ Rail & Road monitoring

Key Features

✔ Fully autonomous from takeoff to landing
✔ Covering up to 350KM in a single flight with Thermal & RGB sensor
✔ GPS embedded recording of video or images
✔ Terrain following corridor flights
✔ Live streaming up to 50KM, or unlimited with 4G/5G network 
✔ Capable of missions beyond telemetry range
✔ Tool-less 2 minute field assembly
✔ No pre-flight calibrations required
✔ Advanced safety system
✔ Flight Simulator
✔ Online mission validation & log analysis tools



Thermal & RGB Pod


The TS01CT is a high-precision three-axis stabilization pod, equipped with a 30x optical zoom full HD visible light camera and a 25mm lens 640x512 resolution infrared thermal imager. It supports visible light zoom, thermal image picture-in-picture switching, multi-color panel switching, photo and video recording, target tracking function, thermal image electronic zoom. There is an OSD on the pod output screen that can display the heading and pitch angle, multiples, photo and video status, tracking frame, and can also be hidden. When there is GPS and time-related protocol input externally, the OSD can also display GPS and time; at this time, when taking a photo, the photo attribute contains the shooting time and GPS information. The visible light focusing speed of the pod is extremely fast, and the metal shell is used for strong anti-interference. It can achieve stabilization in three directions: horizontal, roll and pitch, and adopts an integrated design of shock absorption and gimbal, which can greatly reduce mechanical vibration. It is widely used in public security, electric power, fire protection, zoom aerial photography and other industries.

Payload options

The E6 #INSPECT is available with the following camera sensors

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