C20 #CARGO 100 kg electric vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAV

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The C20 UAV is a 100 kg electric vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAV. It adopts a unique overall configuration design. It is composed of wings and four power modules. Each power module consists of 4 vertical lifts. The rotor is composed of a front pull rotor. The power modules of the same aircraft can be interchanged, and the power modules between different aircrafts can also be interchanged to improve attendance; it has no fuselage, and can be adapted to different sizes of mounts.

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The C20 #CARGO is an industrial grade Vertical Takeoff and Land (VTOL) fixed wing UAV. It has been designed for cargo transport and customization. It employs a wide range of unique capabilities. This fully electric vehicle can be easily controlled from a tablet or laptop. It can take-off and land just about anywhere and can do so completely autonomously.

The C20 #CARGO provides a large payload bay that is directly on the center of gravity of the vehicle. This means that it will fly equally well with or without payload and does not require re-balancing. 

Key Features

✔ Fully autonomous from takeoff to landing
✔ Covering up to 120KM in a single flight with a 20KG payload
✔ Covering up to 80KM in a single flight with an 40KG payload
✔ Terrain following mission planning
✔ Both radio and 4G/5G connectivity option
✔ Capable of missions beyond telemetry range
✔ Tool-less 5 minute field assembly
✔ No pre-flight calibrations required
✔ Advanced safety system
✔ Flight Simulator
✔ Online mission validation & log analysis tools

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