3D urban real scene tilt photography mapping

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Oblique photographic mapping

● Scenario Description
3d mapping, cultural heritage modeling, 3d urban real scene, etc

● Configuration scheme
E6 UAV + Tilting camera

● Implementation effect
Carrying a 120 million pixel tilt camera can obtain 40 square kilometers of data in a single takeoff and landing, and can also carry a 210 million pixel tilt camera to achieve higher data accuracy.

● Successful cases
Gansu Gaolan city mapping project

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Smart City

Responding to the "big city disease" with increasing urban people flow, overwhelming major infrastructures, and increasing major activities, intelligent manufacturing drives smart life, combined with digital twins, Internet of Things, 5G, artificial intelligence and other technologies, and fully autonomous drones The inspection system is the carrier to build an urban governance complex integrating world and earth.

City 3D digital real-world modeling
Build an integrated three-dimensional patrol network of heaven and earth
"One Picture" Management and Control of Multi-Scenarios in the City
High frequency, normalization, unmanned autonomous inspection mode

Survey and design
Collect data efficiently, reduce field costs, and provide high-precision two-dimensional and three-dimensional models to effectively assist in survey and design.

Construction supervision
Use information technology to dynamically grasp the conditions of the construction site and comprehensively manage the construction progress.

Operation and maintenance
Efficiently collect building facility data through rapid modeling and other means to realize digitization of operation and maintenance, and effectively reduce operation and maintenance costs.

3D Surveying and Mapping of Ancient Buildings
Quickly build three-dimensional models, obtain accurate building data, and provide complete information support for cultural relics protection and education.

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